Added Value

Added Value

Added Value

Thanks to our great knowledge and experience that we have gained throughout the years, we, at Wink Accessories, are able to serve our clients excellently when developing complete collections. Because our aim is to work together closely and to communicate well with our clients, we are able to add value in multiple areas.



Our styling team is always following the latest fashion trends and regularly visits fashion exhibitions in order to stay updated. Therefore, our accessory assortment always meets the wishes and needs of the end consumer. The customer can also develop a customised collection in cooperation with our stylists, so that the customer will always have a unique product.



Our warehouse's capacity allows us to maintain a constant stock collection which is always up to date. Therefore, we are able to supply our customers with new stock quickly and continually. Especially when you are seeking a combination of quick supply times and attractive prices, our 'Never out of Stock' policy is ideal.


Quality control

Quality is extremely important to us, that is why the production processes and materials are monitored continually. In order to ensure the work environment and conditions, Wink Accessories is affiliated with the BSCI. This organisation is dedicated to improving working conditions over the world.


Coordination & Merchandising

Wink Accessories has a strong and experienced merchandising team, which guides the entire trajectory from production to store. Our merchandisers function as the link between our customers and our offices in the Far East. They are in contact with customers on a daily basis, discussing preparations, samples, measurements, high-quality colour samples, production and delivery times. During the entire production process one permanent contact person ensures a smooth communication with the customer, during which they try to realise all the customer's personal wishes in close consultation.